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The five Reiki symbols are the five levels of mind. Together they are the non-duality of mind and object and the emptiness from ego that achieves the highest level of the end of the Path of Enlightenment (Buddhist nirvana). Once achieved, this releases the Be-ing from the wheel of incarnation.


The symbols’ original use was not for healing (worldly) but Enlightenment to help others—five levels of wisdom that culminate in Enlightenment.


Cho-Ku-Rei: Beginning or entrance, generation stage. Placing the mandala into the heart. Meditation until there is no difference between the meditation and the world. Emptiness—nonattachment from the Earthplane. The first step, the first experience. (Reiki definition, the light switch.)


Sei-He-Ki: Earth (and the person in incarnation) are considered to be impure ground. Impure ground (yellow) is purified by wisdom to gold—purification, transmutation, alchemical change from dross to gold. This is Enlightenment which few achieve (Buddha status), by realization of the emptiness of the self. Purification by the fire of wisdom to gold/purity. (Reiki definition, emotional healing, purification, cleansing protection.)


Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen: No past, no present, no future. Freedom from delusion and karma (karma defined as the action of the mind). The mind creates time, space, limitation, and delusion. Enlightenment is going beyond the mind to the Buddha Nature (Goddess within) in all of us. When the mind is aware, there is openness and release: freedom from time, space, delusion, limitation. Dissolution of limitation means understanding all things. (Reiki definition, healing past/present/future, healing karma, distance healing).


Dai-Ko-Myo: "The one with the Mahayana heart of giving" or "Temple of the great beaming light." The person who has the desire for Enlightenment for others’ sake and will achieve it. She realizes that great unification is the basis for understanding all things. (Oneness, You are Goddess.) When she becomes enlightened, she is freed from incarnation and suffering. In Buddhism, this is the only real healing. (Reiki definition, healing the soul.)


Raku: Completion, achievement of lower nirvana, emptiness of self of existence. The appearance of an image of the Buddha (or Goddess) within the self. Freedom, Enlightenment, total peace. Release from the illusion of the material world, release from the body and incarnation, total healing. In Buddhism, this symbol is used in the direction from feet to crown to take one out of the body; in Reiki it is used from crown to feet for grounding and to draw the energy from the universe into the body (opposite intent and meaning—Reiki is worldly used for the symbols, Enlightenment is the spiritual and Buddhist use. Buddhist thought makes the body and healing irrelevant). (Reiki definition, the lightening bolt, completion, grounding.)


Attunement = Initiation = Empowerment

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